Math Question for Kids Sparked Heated Debate – People Can’t Agree on the Right Answer

A seemingly innocent math question for children has gone viral, sparking widespread debate online. Posted on Reddit, the brain-teasing puzzle has captivated thousands, leaving many searching for the correct answer.

In the digital age, puzzles have become popular, fostering intellectual engagement and camaraderie. This latest puzzle, however, has proven particularly challenging, engaging diverse age groups and prompting renewed interest in problem-solving.

In June 2023, a Reddit user from Jamaica, @yawdmontweet, asked: “What is the closest time to midnight?” The options were A. 11:55 a.m., B. 12:06 a.m., C. 11:50 a.m., and D. 12:03 a.m. The question quickly garnered over 1.4 million views and numerous comments with varying answers.

Most participants believed option D (12:03 a.m.) was correct, considering time progression forward or backward. However, some argued for option A (11:55 a.m.), interpreting it as the closest to the next midnight.

AI also joined the discussion, with ChatGPT stating, “The closest time to midnight would be D. 12:03 a.m.”

Some commenters suggested the question might have multiple correct answers, depending on interpretation. This sparked frustration and highlighted potential difficulties for young learners.

As discussions continue, the question remains: Which option would you choose, and can there be multiple correct answers based on different interpretations?

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