Future Mother-in-Law Offers $10K to Bride to Leave Her Son so She Takes It But Outplays Her Instead

A woman’s future mother-in-law gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse, or so she thought. Thirty years later, the woman didn’t tell her husband what the older woman had done and has since lived happily.After a woman and her friend got their nursing qualifications, they moved to another town. They decided to move after learning that the city has some of the most eligible bachelors in the area, based on a publication they had read.When the woman moved, she met her future husband and began dating.

However,their relationship was complicated because the man’s mother had a problem with her son dating the nurse.The nurse’s future mother-in-law made it clear that she didn’t think the nurse was good enough for their family and tried many times to dissuade her son from dating or marrying the nurse. The man didn’t know the lengths his mother would go to to try and end the relationship.

What Was the Nurse’s Relationship with Her Mother-In-Law? When the couple got engaged,the man’s mother was horrified and tried to break them up for a few months. She told the nurse to return to the city she came from and let her son know she didn’t believe the nurse was good enough for him.

The nurse’s mother-in-law was horrible to her privately “but hides it well to other people, always making sure she’s super (fake) sweet to everyone when others are around.” This led people to believe the pair had a friendly relationship.

After months of trying to break the couple up,she did not succeed. After the couple confirmed their wedding plans, the older woman became desperate. She decided to offer the nurse something she felt the nurse couldn’t resist.

What Did the Mother-In-Law Offer the Nurse? The older woman knew the wedding was imminent, and she had run out of ways to break the couple up, so she took drastic measures. She told the nurse that if she left her fiancé, she would give her $10,000. The nurse was horrified that her mother-in-law would make such an offer but used it to her advantage. She remained calm and told her mother-in-law she would take the money she was offering.

According to a reader’s comment, the amount equated to over $20,000 as of 2017. Although she accepted the money, the nurse still married her husband and did not tell anybody what her mother-in-law had offered her. The nurse’s mother-in-law also could not say anything without exposing herself.

The nurse and her husband have been married for over 35 years, have welcomed children, and lived happily, all while the nurse’s mother-in-law has suffered in silence as she does not want to expose herself. After the nurse’s story was shared online, many commented that the sum would be worth nearly $80,000 in 2017 if the nurse had invested the money. One person said they wanted to high-five the nurse.

The same person advised others always to take the money offered and make the person who had offered it choke on it. Some people thought the nurse’s mother-in-law could have told people that she had asked for $10,000 compensation in exchange for leaving her fiancé, but others agreed it would still have made her look bad.

Although some questioned why the nurse’s mother-in-law would not blame it on the nurse because it would mean she paid the woman to break her son’s heart, others said the older woman had never cared about her son’s heart in the first place.

Many others talked about what they would have done with the money, with one person saying they would have put it in a joint account and told their husband that his mother had given it to them as a wedding present. The nurse’s story gained much attention, and many people shared their opinions on the woman’s mother-in-law and applauded her for having handled the situation so calmly and keeping the secret for so many years.

Unfortunately, many women experience issues with their mothers-in-law and have to depend on their partners to set the women straight. This was no different with a woman who received a nasty text from her husband’s mother.

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