Why Elizabeth Montgomery Didn’t Wear a Bra in Late Bewitched Seasons

In the later seasons of the iconic TV series “Bewitched,” viewers may have noticed a significant change in the wardrobe choices of the show’s leading lady, Elizabeth Montgomery. Contrary to the fashion norms of the time, Montgomery’s character, Samantha Stephens, notably eschewed the wearing of a bra in several episodes. While this departure from convention may have raised eyebrows among audiences, there were practical and artistic reasons behind Montgomery’s decision.

For Montgomery, the choice to forgo a bra was not simply a matter of personal preference, but rather a deliberate creative choice made in collaboration with the show’s producers and costume designers. As “Bewitched” evolved and entered its later seasons, the character of Samantha became increasingly associated with themes of liberation and empowerment, mirroring the changing social attitudes of the era. By opting to go braless, Montgomery sought to embody Samantha’s confident and free-spirited nature, challenging traditional notions of femininity and embracing a more natural and relaxed aesthetic.

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