Where Is ‘Designing Women’’s Delta Burke Now? Her Life Away from Fame with Man Who ’Never’ Judged Her

Delta Burke’s rise to fame thanks to her role in the popular sitcom “Women Designers” was as unexpected as it was impressive. Although the heights her career has reached have been unforeseen, Burke realizes the true value of her participation in the show. She now lives a secluded and quiet life.

Delta Burke became famous for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the film “Women’s Design”. However, she did not enjoy her time in Hollywood. She later realized that the value of her role was not in the honors or fame, but in the personal connections she had made. The most notable connection was with her husband, Gerald McRaney.
Where Is ‘Designing Women’'s Delta Burke Now? Her Life Away from Fame with Man Who ’Never’ Judged Her
Reflecting on both the good and bad times, Burke shared, “Whatever bad happened, it was worth it because I met him. [so in the original]”While working on Designing Women, Burke earned critical acclaim and devoted fans. Her character, strong, outspoken and unapologetically feminine, has become the iconic embodiment of southern charm mixed with fierce independence.

However, the glitz and glamour of television were accompanied by a number of problems. The competitive nature of show business, combined with the intense public attention, gradually undermined her enthusiasm. Burke openly discussed these difficulties, describing the set as a “difficult, unpleasant workplace.”

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