If you find a dryer sheet in your mailbox here’s what it means

US mailman Chris Strickley encountered a recurring issue: bugs infesting mailboxes. Seeking a solution, he discovered that scented dryer sheets repelled insects like yellow jackets and wasps. Sharing his insight on Reddit, Chris popularized the practice among fellow carriers. Supervisors even provided dryer sheets for distribution.

By placing a single sheet in mailboxes, carriers prevent nesting or clear out existing nests quickly. Chris advises recipients to leave the sheet if found, as it deters pesky critters. His Reddit post highlights how this method protects both carriers and recipients from stings and inconveniences caused by insect nests.

This ingenious hack underscores the power of shared knowledge in overcoming common challenges, ensuring a safer and more pleasant experience for all involved in mail delivery.

For 10 more useful hacks with dryer sheets, watch the video below!

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