How in two months they transformed a three-room apartment that had not been renovated since 1973 (before and after photos).

Yulia Antonova embarked on her debut decorating endeavor with her own apartment, alongside her husband. Their initial search led them to consider properties on the outskirts of Moscow, until they stumbled upon a gem in the Dangauerovka microdistrict, boasting architectural charm from the 1930s.

Despite its unrenovated state since its construction in 1973, the apartment’s allure was undeniable, with captivating views of neighboring rooftops. Its unique layout, featuring windows on three sides, particularly appealed to the couple. They were drawn to the living room’s walk-through design, leading seamlessly to a secluded back room earmarked as the bedroom, offering tranquility and privacy. A small loggia adorning the bedroom provided a charming space for year-round plant cultivation.

Their renovation journey spanned two months, with skilled builders executing the main repair work. Opting for efficiency, they opted for a bulk floor, a pricier yet time-saving alternative to traditional screed. Belgian linoleum, mimicking the warmth and texture of wood, graced the floors, offering durability and comfort. Wallpaper embellished with intricate patterns adorned the walls, skillfully camouflaging any imperfections, eliminating the need for meticulous wall leveling.

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