After 14 years, the woman delivered quadruplets who are identical to each other: Here’s how the girls appear now

Multiple pregnancies are rare occurrences, with the likelihood of having twins estimated at only 2%, and the chances of quadruplets calculated at one case in several tens of millions. However, miracles do happen. Fourteen years ago, during her first ultrasound, Julia discovered that she was carrying four embryos in her womb at once.

The situation was complex because the children were developing in the same placenta, and there were no guarantees of their health at birth. Julia was even advised to terminate the pregnancy, but she adamantly refused.

Following a caesarean section, it was revealed that all the girls were healthy, although two of them initially had low birth weights, which quickly normalized. However, the most remarkable aspect was not just that Julia gave birth to quadruplets, but that all four girls bore an uncanny resemblance to each other. This similarity has persisted over time, with the girls constantly being mistaken for one another.

Those around them are consistently intrigued by the unusual family, often attempting to discern differences between the girls, which are few and far between. They even wear identical glasses.

The girls themselves are content with their situation, as their shared appearance has garnered them popularity. They have already received offers for collaborations with several clothing brands.

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