My mother-in-law tried snooping in my bedroom

Each and every one of us values our privacy, and when that part of our life is disturbed, we feel attacked and even vulnerable.

A woman took to Reddit to share how she dealt with her mother-in-law who used every opportunity to snoop into her and her husband’s bedroom. However, her husband believes she went too far in her revenge against his mother and now she wonders, AITA.

It all started when OP noticed her mother-in-law secretly entering their bedroom. When she confronted her, the mother-in-law said she was just looking for a bathroom to use, although she knew there was a bathroom downstairs.

This happened a couple of times, and one time, when OP noticed her husband’s mother going upstairs, she decided to follow her. The mother-in-law entered the bedroom again and started going through her daughter-in-law’s bills and documents.

When OP told her husband about this, he told her she was overreacting. Knowing she wasn’t overreacting, OP decided to change the locks of both her bedroom and the office, but her mother-in-law still found ways of entering there and snooping around.

One day, she invited the entire family over, including her mother-in-law, but this time, she plotted a revenge. What she did was considered brilliant by the redditors.

Namely, in order to convince her husband that his mother was going through their stuff, she asked from him to coat their doorknob in fine glitter so they could see if she had entered their bedroom. The husband wasn’t happy with the idea, but he eventually agreed.

OP, however, went a step further and rigged a folder of glitter over the door that would drop down on her MIL in case she entered the room.

When the MIL arrived along with the rest of the guests, the woman’s husband told them which bathroom to use and asked them not to go upstairs, but as expected, his mother didn’t listen.

Just when she thought no one was watching her, she went upstairs, but when she tried opening the bedroom’s door, she got all covered in glitter.

“She completely lost it and started screaming at me, so I yelled back, and now my husband is saying I went too far.”

MIL was mad, but the person who should have been mad was OP who didn’t ask a lot, just her mother-in-law to stay out of her bedroom and stop invading her personal space.

MIL even accused the woman of ruining her car because she couldn’t get rid of all the glitter that got glued on her car’s seats.

According to the redditors, the MIL got what she deserved.

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