Confused Couple Surprised by Sudden Photo Fame, Discovers Clarity in Unexpected Comment

Dan and Wendy are the absolute definition of couple goals. But it wasn’t until they posted an anniversary picture that they realized just exactly what type of couple they truly are.

The two already had quite a high online presence from their jobs, but the reaction they got from this picture was much different than anything they had ever expected. It took them a while to comprehend the reactions from their fans, but at the end of it all, they couldn’t have been more grateful to find out just what everyone thinks.

Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Each Other
Dan and Wendy have been together for a decade now. They are both health and fitness advocates. The two are strong believers in doing what’s good and healthy for your mind, body, and soul. And by taking care of themselves, they’ve learned how to take care of each other, as a couple.

Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Each Other

But after recently posting a 10-year-anniversary picture, the two of them realized something that they never saw before.

Wendy’s Path to Health and Wellness
Dan and Wendy weren’t always Instafamous. In fact, they actually met far before social media started to bloom and boom. But health and wellness were always something on their radar, even before they met.

Wendy actually studied her Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a specialization and focus in health case. She decided to go down this path when she realized that diets and weight loss trends were just fads and don’t work as a lifestyle.

Wendy’s Path to Health and Wellness
It was important for her to find something that made her feel good on both the outside and the inside.

Dan’s Path to Health and Wellness
While Wendy was off studying her Master’s degree, Dan was on his own path to figuring out the best health and wellness regime for himself.

It all started in college when he joined the basketball team. From there he spent years as an athlete, learning all the ins and outs of health and fitness first hand.

Dan’s Path to Health and Wellness

After discovering that this was his passion, he studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He loved how good it felt to be happy with his lifestyle. Which later inspired him to help people reach their fitness and weight loss goals in the healthiest way possible.

2006: A Time When Facebook Was Just Developing
The two found passion in the same subject, but on their own paths. How did they end up meeting though?

Basically, back in 2006, the two met on Facebook during college when the platform was geared more towards meeting people, specifically guys meeting girls.

2006: A Time When Facebook Was Just Developing

One night Dan was sitting in front of the computer, going through friends of friends an

d trying to find girls that looked interested to him.

Messaging Wendy for the First Time
Upon skimming through some friends of friends on his Facebook adventure, he spotted Wendy. He thought she looked so beautiful and fun, and decided to send a message to her via Facebook.

As soon as she saw the message, her immediate thoughts were, “I don’t know you, I did not trust the internet, people from the internet… but he was still cute.”

As Dan and Wendy explained on their video STORY TIME: HOW WE MET, back then, meeting people on the internet was still quite taboo, especially in the early years of Facebook. So, she decided to confide in her friend, Daphne.

Messaging Wendy for the First Time

But what Daphne had to say about Dan was something she never would have expected.

“D” is for Determined
When Wendy shared with her friend Daphne that some guy named “Dan Hennessey” messaged her on Facebook, Daphne couldn’t believe who he was once she saw his pictures.

It looks like the same evening he had also messaged Daphne – whoops! So, at that point, Wendy thought for sure she won’t be responding to his message.

“D” is for Determined

But to Dan, “D” is for determined. He ended up messaging her again a few weeks later. And after doing a little bit of Facebook stalking, Wendy decided he seemed like a normal person since he was connected with several of her high school friends.

“If She Did Say Yes, We Would Have Created One”
The two started talking and seemed to really hit it off. But it was finally time for them to make the ultimate transition of “online” to “in person”. So what did Dan decide to do?

As one of the basketball players on his college team, he thought it would be a great way for them to meet at a party at his building.

“There was no party,” Dan revealed in their YouTube video years later, “but if she did say yes, we would have created one.”

“If She Did Say Yes, We Would Have Created One”

And that is exactly what happened. Wendy said yes to the invitation and Dan got to party-planning.

The First Moment They Met
So, who said chivalry is dead? Dan was planning a whole entire party for a girl he never even met in real life. Not just that, but he made sure to prepare all of his friends on the situation between him and Wendy.

“Everybody knew what the deal was. And who was coming. I’m sure [the girls] did the same thing.”

Wendy brought along a couple of her friends as back-up, and was pleasantly surprised when she got to the party. As she waited for someone to open the door upon their arrival, Wendy was greeted with a joyous smile from Dan.

The First Moment They Met

Their eyes locked and she felt a huge weight lifted off of her shoulders knowing that he was something special.

“I’m Gonna Make You Say You Love Me”
The first moment that they met was quite magical, actually. Dan’s immediate thoughts were, “she looked way better than her pictures.” Which truly meant something since back then there were no such things as filters. Dan was amazed by Wendy’s true beauty just as equally as she was amazed by his amazing smile.

The two were talking and dancing the night away, even after the party had died down and ended.

Towards the very end of the night, when it was just the two of them, they danced to the song “Ain’t No Way” by Chris Brown. And he sang the lyrics “I’m gonna make you say you love me.”

“I’m Gonna Make You Say You Love Me”

And little did she know that she actually would say those three words a few months later!

Putting Their Bond on the Back Burner
When it comes to dating and serious relationships, timing is everything. Despite the fact that Wendy had a great time with Dan at his party, she still was fresh out of a long-term relationship.

Thankfully, though, both Dan and Wendy’s friends got along great, too. So, the two of them would hang out all the time, even if she wasn’t into the idea of dating Dan at the time.

Putting Their Bond on the Back Burner

It wasn’t until one special text message that the small back burn fire would light up the entire kitchen.

Happy Birthday Dan!
Keeping in touch with friends in college can sometimes be a bit tricky. Whether it’s from the stress of midterm exams or just meeting new people consistently while you’re partying on the weekends, keeping a tight bond throughout the year can be hit or miss.

Wendy and Dan’s friend circles were intertwined, though, so they actually got to see a lot of each other and started to become close friends over the next six months.

Happy Birthday Dan!

However, during Spring semester, Wendy and Dan didn’t end up talking much for a few weeks. But as soon as Wendy had realized that it was Dan’s birthday, she immediately sent a cheerful “Happy Birthday” message to him.

A Dinner That Changed Everything
He instantly replied and suggested that they should hang out. Wendy agreed that it needed to happen, and they decided to meet for dinner.

Throughout the past few months of their friendship hid an underlying train of romantic tension soaring between them. And this dinner turned out to be a lot more than just a friendly catch-up.

Dan, being the ambitious risk-taker that he is, went ahead and officially “asked Wendy out” during this dinner.

A Dinner That Changed Everything

When they first met, she wasn’t ready to jump back into a relationship, but was she ready for it now?

Dan’s Feelings for Wendy in College
Since the night that they met at Dan’s party a few months had passed by and they both had a chance to get to know each other without the pressure of dating.

And even though the two were out and about meeting people and partying like typical college students, Dan still always had a completely different connection with her than with anyone else.

Dan’s Feelings for Wendy in College

“She’s amazing. She’s a super model basically. She was funny. She was cool. I could sit down and have a conversation with her,” Dan admitted on a YouTube video.

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