Model Says She Struggles To Get Employment With 99% Of Her Body Tattooed

Australian model Amber Luke, known as “Dragon Girl” due to her extensive tattoos and body modifications, faces employment challenges because of her unique appearance. With 99% of her body tattooed, she acknowledges that her job prospects have been limited but is unapologetic. She states, “I don’t want to work for a company that’s shallow-minded and can’t look past my image.”

Amber has invested nearly $250,000 in her transformation, which includes eyeball tattoos that temporarily left her blind and various other alterations. She’s received both admiration and criticism for her choices, with some people openly expressing negative opinions about her appearance.

Despite the backlash, Amber feels successful and believes her physical changes have been justified. She shared a transformation photo from her depressed and suicidal teenage years to the confident woman she is today. Reflecting on her experiences, she admits the pain endured during her transformations but expresses satisfaction with her decisions.

Amber’s story sheds light on society’s perception of beauty and individuality, highlighting the importance of acceptance and tolerance.

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