Mom Says Her Son Identifies As A Cat, Outraged When Vet Won’t Treat Him

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in August 2023.

In a truly bizarre turn of events, a viral video is making the rounds on the internet, featuring an American woman insisting that her son identifies as a cat. The video, initially shared by a British figure warning of societal collapse, has sparked widespread debate and concern, particularly among conservatives who view it as a symptom of a society in decline.

The woman in the video expresses frustration over the veterinarian’s refusal to treat her son, citing his identification as a cat. She contends that her son’s self-professed feline identity should warrant veterinary care tailored to the needs of a cat. This perceived denial of service based on species, she argues, amounts to a troubling form of discrimination.

Despite her grievances, she claims she won’t pursue legal action against the veterinarian. However, she staunchly advocates for the rights of individuals identifying as animals, asserting that they should be allowed access to veterinary care without prejudice.

While the video’s satirical nature may be lost on some, the broader conversation it has ignited speaks to deeper concerns about the cultural trajectory and the challenges of maintaining a cohesive society in the face of evolving norms and shifting perspectives.

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