Retired teacher’s letter to parents is hailed by thousands

In an eye-opening letter, a retired teacher casts the spotlight on parents, not teachers, for educational shortcomings. Addressing the lag of American students behind their international peers, the teacher’s words resonate with thousands. The letter emphasizes, “The teachers are not the problem! Parents are the problem!”

The teacher argues that children’s lack of basic supplies, manners, and respect stem from parental negligence. “The children come to school in shoes that cost more than the teacher’s entire outfit, but have no pencil or paper,” the teacher points out, underscoring a misalignment in priorities.

Questions raised in the letter challenge parents’ involvement: “Do parents come to parent nights? Do they make sure their children are prepared?” The teacher’s message is clear: “It is not schools that are failing but the parents.”

The impassioned plea ends with a call to action for parents to step up. The teacher asserts, “Teachers cannot do their jobs and the parents’ job. Until parents step up and do their job, nothing is going to get better!”

This bold stance is circulating social media, with readers encouraged to share if they concur with the teacher’s perspective.

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