I’m Refusing to Allow My Daughter’s Biological Mom to Meet Her

In a touching story, a couple became guardians to their granddaughter due to unforeseen circumstances. However, they now face a challenging situation regarding revealing the adoption to their daughter. Here are key recommendations from professionals:

Prioritize assertive communication with all involved parties, focusing on the child’s well-being.
Acknowledge that the biological parents were teenagers when they agreed to adoption, but their circumstances have changed as adults.
Have an open conversation with the daughter about the adoption before she learns from someone else to avoid potential negative emotions.
Recognize that adopted children may experience emotional distress related to separation from birth mothers, emphasizing open communication to help them cope.
Address potential confusion or questions from the daughter regarding her biological parents, given physical similarities and age differences.
Experts advise discussing adoption with children around the ages of 5 or 6, addressing questions candidly with age-appropriate explanations. Children have a right to know their life stories, which can affect their identity and understanding of genetics, social background, and ethnicity. Honest discussions support emotional growth and a sense of belonging within the family.

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