Woke Actress Claims She’s Ready To Ditch America If Trump Reelected

In October of 2023, celebrities started paying attention to Trump’s changes of electoral victory and so the first of many woke celebrities has finally claimed that she will be leaving the United States of America if Donald Trump is reelected in 2024. Back in 2015 and 2016, plenty of A-list celebrities hopped on the popular train of saying that a Trump win would force them to move to a new country.

Of course, as is the case with many of their woke proclamations, when the time came to pack up their bags and find a better country to call home, many did not follow through on their promise. That exact kind of virtue signaling will certainly become present again as the 2024 presidential election nears and we finally have our first huge star to make the threat in this cycle.

Cher, who threatened to leave the country and move to Jupiter in 2015 should Trump win the election, spoke to The Guardian about her plans if Trump wins this time around. She said, “I almost got an ulcer the last time. If he gets in, who knows? This time I will leave [the country].”

This claim seems very doubtful to be true, as it comes following a claim that she made on the same topic in a tweet posted in 2015. One user asked Cher whether she would take pictures with Donald Trump should he win the presiency in the same way that she did with former president Barack Obama. Cher wrote, “I RATHER STICK NEEDLES IN MY EYES.”

Then, a commenter said that if Trump is elected, they will move to Australia. Cher apparently thought this idea would make for an awesome statement about how anti-Trump she was at the time, so she said, “IF HE WERE TO BE ELECTED,IM MOVING TO JUPITER.”

Of course, we now have to ask ourselves, what did Cher do after Trump won the presidency? Well, as we all predicted, she stayed put in her comfy million-dollar home and did not, in any way, shape, or form, move to the planet Jupiter. If you are wondering if she meant Jupiter, Florida, no, she did not move there either.

That wasn’t the only strange moment in 77-year-old Cher’s interview with The Guardian. She also claimed that she has had the longest life of any human, saying, “My life seems to be longer than any other human being ever. I feel like I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for this. And I’m still going!”

It’s not super clear what she meant by that, but given the way that she talks about politics, maybe it wasn’t meant to make sense. Anyway, the first wave of celebrities claiming to leave the country if Donald Trump once again sits in the Oval Office has begun. Be on the lookout for more, as these celebrities simply cannot pass up an opportunity to virtue signal nowadays.

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