She has aged like wine!: Camera lenses caught Cher in leggings and on high heels

Cher forgot how old she was and showed up in tight-fitting leggings! 🤭😮 The singer has such a body that even 20-year-olds can dream of! 🫣😍

Photographers rarely catch her in public, but whenever they do, they don’t miss the chance to capture the iconic performer and share the photos on social media. The fact that the famous singer doesn’t look her age is beyond any doubts.


This time, Cher chose tight-fitting leggings with a hint of provocation, a short top and a black jacket. To say that her figure is simply a dream even for 20-year-olds is nothing to say. It is needless to say that she has maintained her figure well.

The supporters of the iconic performer rushed to leave comments.

«Does she have any idea what ageing is?», «If ageing, then only in this way!», «Someone please tell her she is already 76!», «This is what ageing like wine looks like».

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