Is God Real and God’s love is Real??

Does God exist? Does God care for us? And is the God of the Bible the only true God? These are the most important question we can ask, and how we answer them and respond impacts our eternal destiny.

Today, many people doubt the existence of God. Even if they find some type of higher power plausible, it seems arrogant to them to assert the existence of only one God, only one way to be saved. People throughout time and across cultures have worshipped so many gods in so many ways, how could just one of them be correct?

Even many Christians find themselves confused and unsure when challenged. It is important that we be able to defend our belief in the God who reveals himself in Scripture and ultimately in Christ.

Biblical Foundation

There are lots of philosophical, theological, and even scientific arguments for God’s existence. But none of them can conclusively prove that the God of the Bible is the real and only God. This is because God exists outside of our universe and is not subject to our testing. So we rely on revelation to know about God—we can only know what he reveals to us.

The Bible never tries to argue for God’s existence—it assumes it. God’s existence is such a self-evident fact that even when the Bible says, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God,’” it is not speaking of atheists as such (King David would not have come into contact with anything like a modern atheist), but of corrupt people who ignore God’s existence as if he will not judge them (Psalm 14:1, 53:1).

God is personal, not an impersonal force, and he is relational. From the very first verse of Scripture, God is active. We can see his power from the effortlessness of his creation—he speaks, and what he commands comes into existence. From the first moment that other relational beings are brought into existence—the first humans, Adam and Eve—God is in relationship with them. This also excludes any ideas of a deistic creator who made the world but now is uninterested and uninvolved.

We always have to approach God from the foundation of what he has revealed in Scripture. However, that does not mean evidence in our world plays no role in our believing that God exists—it means that evidence can only play a secondary, supporting role.

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