The troubled mother had shared on the Reddit her story, as she saw that the nanny she had hired for her six-month-old son was acting recklessly, which she saw from the hidden camera she had installed.

She had stated that, “I’ll start with saying I’m a new Mom to a 6 month old. I’ll also admit I am slightly anal retentive and have typical new mom anxieties. My husband and I recently hired a sitter from one of the big sitter, our daytime nanny can’t do nights since she has two littles of her own and reserves nights and weekends for them. I scoured reviews, paid extra for the background check etc. Picked someone with several great reviews.”

She had stated that, with her husband, they had thought that they got the right person for the job and carried on with their lives. And there were cameras that they could check. “I had a weird feeling that day and went out and got nanny cams that we can view on our phone before the babysitter got there. We paid to have her get there and hour and half early so we would be sure they were getting along ok. I feel like we took all the right precautions.”

She had stated that when she took a look at the cameras at her home, she saw that her son was all alone at her house. “My husband and I leave and before we get to the event I decide to check the cams just for comfort since I knew he should already be asleep. What I saw and heard was my kid just wailing and the babysitter no where to be found on the cameras. So I assumed the bathroom. I can rewind the footage on my phone and found basically 5 min after we left she laid him on the play pad and walked out.”

She had continued that the nanny was still missing, as, “He was content for about 10 min because it was bedtime and slowly started escalating from fussy to crying to just solid wailing. This went on for about 30-40 min. So we don’t go into the event because now I’m nervous. My kid is still crying and she is nowhere to be found. I give it a bit longer (some people take a long time to poop .. You never know, trying not to jump to conclusions).”

She had stated that the nanny came back a while later, and as she explained, “Then we see her go in the room get something from her purse and just walk back out. He is still crying. She gets him and picks him up and wraps her arm around his waist he is facing out and on her hip. She is bouncing him but just standing in front of the TV watching something. He is clearly still very upset. Then she sits down on a chair and sits him on the floor and just holds his head like it was a basketball and drinks some soda and watches TV. Still crying. After like 5 min she seems to try and quite him.”

She continued as, “He should have been in bed about 20-25 min prior to this per my instructions. At this point I’m like let’s go home but question if I am being nuts. It’s not how I would do it but that doesn’t make it wrong and maybe he is just having a hard time because it’s not his usual care provider. Then I see she tries to put him in the crib. He is super worked up now so of course he doesn’t go to sleep. She pulls him out and is bouncing him pretty roughly, not my style and I’m not very comfortable with it but not abuse.”

She had added that they couldn’t bear to watch more further, and decided to head back home. “She is getting visibly more frustrated. Then she knows he can’t sit up yet and she roughly sits him on the bed and he just flops back hard. He is pretty hysterical and he rolls over and is face down in a duvet feather blanket and she just stands there. After a bit she starts patting his back but at that point nothing was working because he was so upset. When we saw this we instantly grabbed a cab and headed home.”

They had continued to watch from their in home cameras and stated, “In route home she tries to give him a bottle. I told her before we left that he may or may not take it no big deal if he doesn’t want it. He clearly didn’t want it but she kept forcing it on him. He was turning his head like crazy and flailing. We have audio and he kept coughing and sputtering. He finally resigned to it (literally 7 min later) and she sung to him a bit and put him down and he basically cried it out.”

“When we got home I told her we no longer needed her and had her leave. I did not confront her at the time because I was so upset I was shaking.”

Then she had asked for advice from other Redditors, and here is their response;

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