The school bus surveillance camera catches the driver getting up to a terrified little boy

The school bus surveillance camera catches the driver getting up to a terrified little boy

On this particular day, as Mrs. Ginger Maxville drove the school bus, she was always attentive to her young passengers, ensuring they were behaving. School buses can be lively places with students trying to make the most of their short journey, laughing, playing, and sometimes causing a little mischief. But this day was different. A noise, a cry for help, caught Mrs. Maxville’s attention.

Cameron, a student on the bus, suddenly yelled, “I think he swallowed a coin!” The urgency in her voice referred to her little brother who was gasping for air, his face turning a concerning shade.

Though initially taken aback by the gravity of the situation, Mrs. Maxville’s momentary panic soon gave way to decisive action. She swiftly halted the bus, rushed over to the distressed boy, and without hesitation, performed the Heimlich Maneuver on him. Thanks to her quick thinking and timely intervention, the coin was dislodged from the boy’s throat, averting a potential tragedy.

Following this harrowing incident, Mrs. Maxville was showered with gratitude. The school’s administration, as well as the parents of the child, didn’t hold back their appreciation. They recognized her bravery with kind words, flowers, and sweets.


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