The husband secretly built a shed in the yard and did not let anyone in!

A Husband’s Heartfelt Tribute: A Backyard Museum of Love

Love at First Sight

Charles “LaLa” Evans, 82, wears his heart on his sleeve when he speaks of his late wife, Louise. From the moment they locked eyes, it was an undeniable love at first sight. Their journey, spanning 59 years, was filled with countless memories, laughter, and dances. However, when Louise passed, LaLa was left heartbroken. Instead of being consumed by his grief, he channeled his pain into creating a touching tribute.

A Dream Turned Reality

Hidden away in their backyard, stands a testament to their everlasting love – a museum. Every inch of the walls is adorned with myriad photos, each capturing moments from their life together. The idea for this unique memorial wasn’t spontaneous. LaLa reminisced, “Louise and I once spoke about creating a museum to showcase our shared memories. Although we couldn’t realize this dream together, I felt compelled to make it a reality in her honor.”

Amongst the myriad of photos, there’s one that holds a special place in LaLa’s heart – their last dance together. As a testament to their love for dancing, this poignant image is given pride of place right at the entrance.

Celebrating Life, Love, and Dance

LaLa’s museum isn’t just a testament to his love for Louise but also a celebration of the life they shared. “Looking back, I’m awed by the richness of our journey,” he says, “It makes me think, WOW, I truly lived a full life!” The museum isn’t just for him to reminisce but is open to anyone wishing to experience their love story. And as a special treat, LaLa has a unique offer for visitors, “If anyone comes by, I promise a dance!”

To witness this heartwarming tribute and delve deeper into their story, watch this clip that beautifully captures the essence of LaLa’s backyard museum of love.

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