Sylvester Stallone finally speaks up: “There is no pain worse than losing a child”

We recall Sylvester Stallone as the actor who portrayed the courageous and strong Rocky in films. This man does not appear to be broken by anything. But life is unpredictable, and it may knock even the strongest and toughest man out. Sylvester was in a lot of agony after his oldest son died. Sage died in 2012, at the age of 36.

At the moment, Stallone has requested the media and his followers to express their condolences to his family and to remember his kid. Even though Sylvester didn’t want his first-born son, the loss has been devastating. Sage died of a heart attack, as you may recall. Both Stallone and Sage’s mother were estranged, but they grew closer after they both lost a child.

They were frequently spotted together after the horrific occurrence. Sage aspired to be like his renowned father. They were even in the film Rocky 5. The contented father who became close to his troubled kid, who couldn’t forgive him when he divorced his son’s mother, and who had no idea that life would soon drive them away for good

Stallone was silent for a long time, refusing to say anything about how unhappy the family was. «Losing my son is my worst loss,» Stallone soon said.

Nothing hurts more than the loss of a kid. Sylvester also stated that if you can’t move on from a loss, you’ll find yourself in a downward spiral. To the delight of fans, «Rocky» was able to overcome his suffering and continue living and creating movies.

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