After woman’s husband dies, she inherits cheap necklace while woman she never met receives his property

The sweet love story of Agatha and Richard started when they were in college, and they eventually moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Richard grew up.

They wanted to build a family to complete their marriage, and had tried for years unsuccessfully before deciding to embrace a childless life and enjoy each other’s companionship.

One day, Agatha came across an article discussing the growing trend of women choosing careers over motherhood, prompting her to reflect on her own life. The decision to remain childless didn’t seem so bad, especially with their vast farm and the constant hustle and bustle of farm life.

As the years passed, Agatha and Richard never regretted their choice to forgo IVF or adoption. Their love for each other remained fierce, and their farm provided endless distractions.

Agatha grieved Richard
However, the relentless march of time eventually took its toll, and they had to hire help to manage the farm. Later, they decided to relocate to a more suburban area of Milwaukee to enjoy their golden years.

A twist of fate occurred when Richard suffered a sudden heart attack, and the doctors were sadly unable to save him. Agatha was struck with grief as she mourned her husband, yet she found comfort in remembering the extraordinary life they had shared.

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But an unexpected revelation was yet to come. Agatha received a call from their lawyer, Mr. Perkins, who asked her to come in for a will reading. She was confused why such a meeting would be necessary, especially because they had no children or extended family.

In Mr. Perkins’ office, she was taken aback to find a middle-aged woman waiting beside her. With a sense of confusion, Agatha listened as Mr. Perkins began to read Richard’s will, which mentioned a mysterious beneficiary.

Richard’s shocking will
“I, Richard Chambers, of sound mind and body, hereby give all my property and what remains in my bank accounts to Sue Raymond… to my wife of many years, I give my mother’s turquoise pendant,” Mr. Perkins read.

Stunned and bewildered, Agatha couldn’t fathom who Sue Raymond was or why her husband had hidden this information from her.

“Who is Sue Raymond, Mr. Perkins? Why was I unaware of any of this?” Agatha inquired, her frustration palpable.

“Mrs. Chambers, your husband wanted you to meet Sue. That’s why I called you here. I’ll leave you both to discuss it,” Mr. Perkins explained, leaving his office.

Agatha turned to the woman beside her, seeking answers. “So, you must be Sue Raymond. Why have you been named the beneficiary of my husband’s estate?” she questioned.

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Sue responded, unveiling a shocking revelation. “I discovered your husband, my father, on social media a few months ago. We conducted a DNA test that confirmed our relationship. I am Sophie Raymond’s daughter.”

Agatha whispered the name “Sophie Raymond,” recalling that Richard had often mentioned her as his first love. However, she remained confused as to why he had never shared this significant piece of information with her.

“Sophie never told Richard about her pregnancy. She left Milwaukee and never mentioned it to him. For years, I believed that I was the result of a one-night stand. But a few years ago, I stumbled upon some old love letters and decided to investigate,” Sue disclosed.

Sue’s research led her to reach out to Richard, a fact that Agatha found astonishing. “So, you inherit our current house, farm, and the money in his accounts.”

“I never asked for any of this, Mrs. Chambers. But I have two daughters and a mortgage-free home is a dream come true. However, I’m open to sharing. We can split the inheritance,” Sue suggested.

“No,” Agatha replied firmly. “Richard designated you as the sole beneficiary. Please give me a few days to pack my belongings and vacate the house.”

Agatha makes a surprising discovery
Agatha carried out her promise, calmly leaving Mr. Perkins’ office. Back home, she began packing her belongings. Fortunately, she had inherited a condo in Tampa, Florida, where her parents had retired, and it was not subject to division.

Agatha reflected on her upcoming move as she packed, telling herself with a hint of sarcasm, “It’s time to become a Florida senior citizen like so many others in this country.”

While packing, Agatha examined the turquoise pendant that had belonged to Richard’s mother. When she threw it on the floor, it fell open, revealing a hidden secret inside. A tiny note slipped out, bearing a message that piqued her curiosity.

“Agatha, look in the study under the table.”

Agatha ran to Richard’s office and discovered a key and a detailed letter taped under his desk. As she unraveled the truth from the letter, tears welled in her eyes.

Richard had left her a sum of money and gold bars, concealed in a safe beneath a Milwaukee landscape painting. The money had been cashed out from their shared savings, serving as a separate legacy outside of the will.

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Agatha couldn’t help but be touched by Richard’s profound words of love and regret, as he explained his reasons for leaving her in the dark about Sue – saying that he never knew how to tell Agatha and that he felt guilty for never raising Susan, so he wanted to help her out financially.

Agatha was emotional as she finished reading the heartfelt letter, understanding that her life with Richard had been truly extraordinary.

With the newfound wealth and the memories of the life they had lived together, Agatha headed to Florida, where she could enjoy her golden years.

Sue shared pictures of her daughters on social media, and Agatha, as she looked at them on her balcony overlooking the beach, decided then and there that Richard had truly made the right choice.

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