Treasure haveing a son in life!!!

For the World the gold must be treasure but for a child the treasure is his parents!! No one’s love is selfless, unconditional and forgiving than the love of parents. Being parents is one of the toughest job. From the birth of a child till the life of parents they are always concerned about their child. Nourishment, bestowing culture, correcting the paths of the children when needed!!

Often, a question worries me, when a child starts growing up, why many of them forgets the pain and life given by the parents to their children. Showing disrespect to parents and the behaviour is such as if the parents are liability. How easily they forget the circumstances under which they were brought up. Sacrifices done!!

In the course of upbringing children I have realised one thing that children should be made realised what parents have done for them. Just to make things simplify I am sharing a beautiful video must watch it!!

​Anyhow today, my purpose of posting this article is not on the pros and cons of upbringing a child and what are the responsibilities of children in return!! But to thank our parents what they have done for us and how important they are in our life’s. The only reason I didn’t expressed my feelings on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day since, I feel we should express same feeling for them through out the year!!

The love of the parents cannot be measured. It’s like no other relationship in the whole world. For me the parents are the backbone of the family. They are going to support us from zero till we reach the best score. Parents are always going to stand besides you in all odd situations even when the world is mocking on you. They are the only ones who are going to motivate and encourage and hold your hand when all have left you alone.

Love is like a chain to bind the child with it’s parents. For me the parents are best friends in the world. In fact all beautiful relationships are found in parents. They give us undivided attention and time. They will also make you realise that they love you unconditionally but they may not like your behaviour sometimes.

I still remember our childhood when me and my brother coming back home after school and first thing we wanted was our mother. Who was equally concerned how was our day in school. Giving milk and food to eat. Where in evening waiting for father’s tight 🤗 hug and excitingLY ask him for our presents.

I consider a mother is always a lucky charm for all. She is a walking miracle. Whereas the father gives his children worldly knowledge. The parents are like sunshine who bestow their brightness everywhere with their gratitude and compassion, enlightens the house and makes heaven on earth and they twinkle like stars inside the heart of children.

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