64-year-old sold her house to live in stunning van full time!

The notion of independence and an unfettered existence has always drawn individuals who feel suffocated by the rigidity of a traditional way of living.

For many, breaking away from the norm is a faraway dream, but for Claire, a fiery 64-year-old Australian artist, it became a reality.

She used to reside in a large house that was burdened by a mortgage.
However, a moment of reflection caused her to rethink the need for such a large place.

«So I thought if I had something small and beautiful that I owned without a mortgage, that’s going to make me feel a lot better than having four empty bedrooms and a mortgage,» she said.

Claire’s transformational path began with this realization.

She made the audacious choice to sell her house and use the cash to buy an ordinary, empty van.
This van, however, was more than simply a means of transportation; it was a blank canvas ready to be shaped into her dream house.

Claire was not the kind to hurry into things.
She spent a full year immersed in the realm of minimalist living.

She looked at tiny residences and van conversions, drawing inspiration from each one.

Every detail was important to her.

«I designed it down to the millimeter,» she said excitedly during an appearance on the YouTube show «Home on the Road.»

Claire set out with a definite vision in mind, looking for the ideal companion to help her dream come true.

She partnered with Roaming Wild Campers (Campervan Conversions), a recognized firm situated in Mudgee, Australia, after a comprehensive search.

Her mobile home was built on a sturdy 2016 Fiat Ducato Maxi turbo diesel that stretched an astounding 19.5 feet.

The van cost $26,000 to begin with, and the transformation into a custom mobile house cost an additional $45,000.

Claire’s new home, often dubbed the «mouse house,» demonstrates her vision and inventiveness.

Despite its small size, the van is a comfortable and useful refuge.
Claire’s kitchen, her pride and pleasure, is a food enthusiast’s dream, overflowing with spices and cutting-edge gadgets.

«My kitchen is full of spices because I love to cook,» she said with a laugh.

Every effort was made to ensure the van’s comfort.
Regardless of the weather outside, comprehensive insulation ensures a pleasant interior.

Modern conveniences, such as the hot water system, enhance the living experience.

Claire’s dedication to sustainability is shown in her water management system, which includes a 70-liter fresh-water tank as well as a separate waste tank.

Claire diligently chronicled her everyday activities in order to make her van a real depiction of her lifestyle.
This introspective practice assisted her in distinguishing the necessary from the excess.

«So I just thought about what it was that I did, what I really liked doing, and what I would miss if I didn’t have it,» she said with a laugh.

Because of her attention to precision, she created a separate workplace, ensuring she never missed a beat in her artistic ambitions.

The interior of the van is a work of art.

Multipurpose spaces, such as the kitchen counter that doubles as a restroom, highlight Claire’s creativity.
The bed, which is located beneath a skylight, provides a nightly view of the starry sky.

The sitting room and pull-out dining table, for example, make the interior feel more like a homey home than a restricted vehicle.

Accepting van life takes an intentional adjustment in thinking.

Claire put it succinctly: «Living intentionally is a big part of it.»

Every resource is valuable, from water to solar energy.

While the lifestyle provides unrivaled independence, it is not without its difficulties.

For Claire, the constant rain is a small annoyance on an otherwise rewarding journey.

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