63-year-old veteran race car driver Christy Georges-Barnett hit the jackpot in Las Vegas, spending only $25

After wagering only $25, the 63-year-old won more than $1 million on a slot machine at Caesars Palace. The hotel posted a TikTok video taken by a passerby of the dramatic event and Georges-Barnett’s joyful reaction.

Georges-Barnett can be seen in the video pacing in front of the machine, her hands over her head in amazement. She then raised her arms in the air and screamed to her off-camera husband, Sherman Barnett, «It’s a million dollars!» It’s worth a million dollars! Oh my goodness!»

The camera then focused on the machine’s screen, revealing the exact amount she had won: $1,185,599.


Georges-Barnett has been a racing staple for more than 40 years. According to her Facebook profile, she has won over 450 races, including 35 championships, and is the only woman in UMP Dirt National Championship history.

She also set a world record in 2007 as the fastest woman in a NASCAR race at Bonneville Salt Flats, reaching 208 mph. Last year, Georges-Barnett told El Paso, Texas, radio station KLAQ about her astounding performance.

«A local gentleman had a friend who owned a NASCAR Busch team in Indiana. They hired a NASCAR driver for two years to try to qualify for the Brickyard 400 event. «They named the team Race El Paso and allowed people to pay to have their names signed on the cars as sponsors,» she explained.

«The third year, they decided to try and break the land speed record at Bonneville,» she said. «They called and asked me to drive it because they needed a female driver from the area.» I ended up completing it, and we let people autograph the car and gained sponsors from local companies.»

She stated that the funds earned were donated to a literacy initiative for youngsters.

Despite having to have spine surgery in 2019 to address issues from years of racing, Georges-Barnett continues to race every weekend. She won 10 of the 20 races in the 2022 Johnstone Supply Southwest Super Truck Track Championship in October 2022.

A traveler flying through Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport in June won $1.3 million playing the «Wheel of Fortune Triple Double Emeralds» slot machine, a scenario identical to Georges-Barnett’s.

At the time, a bystander on Twitter (now identified as X) tweeted a since-deleted video, stating, «Someone just won the 1.3 million jackpot on the slot machine at the airport!»

The airport retweeted the video and congratulated the lucky winner the next day, adding, «That’s one way to end a vacation—as a millionaire!»

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