Mom Had A Huge Baby Bump and People Thought She Was Carrying 8 Babies

The rumor was that she was expecting EIGHT babies. When it was time for her to give birth, nobody was ready.

One of the nicest feelings in the world has to be being a mom. Even just the idea of carrying another life inside of you is divine.

Most expectant mothers like having their bellies photographed and save those images as priceless keepsakes they will treasure always. Renae W, a mother of four, followed suit. But she didn’t just record for herself; she also uploaded her creations to TikTok.

When she first became pregnant again, she concentrated the substance of what she blogged on her pregnancy. Earlier, she had shared her journey towards a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Several people were drawn to Renae because of her enormous tummy.

Many believed she was carrying numerous children, with some believing she carried eight little bundles of joy. Nonetheless, she reassured her supporters that she was only expecting one child. “Yeah, there’s only one. In one of her videos, she stated, “I’m sure.

Polyhydramnios, too much fluid, or gestational diabetes are a few conditions that might result in an excessively large belly. All of this wasn’t experienced by Renae. She stated in a video, “I had an ultrasound not too long ago, fluid is normal, and baby is measuring a week and four days ahead.

Many individuals wished her a healthy pregnancy and sent words of support and encouragement. Sadly, some people enjoyed making fun of her stomach. One of the latter was a doctor who advised the expectant mother to be concerned. Renae was enraged by this and spoke up right away. Since I’m not your patient, you should be ashamed of yourself as a doctor for making this movie, she wrote.

There are like four twins in there, there’s an adult there, and he’s going to be 30 with an 800 credit score, according to some of the comments under Renae’s videos.

Renae gained 35 pounds throughout her well-documented pregnancy, and one of her videos had 37 million views.

For Renae, many mothers stepped up.

Each woman conducts herself differently. Every pregnancy is unique and differs from the next, one mother wrote. Another person commented, “I can’t believe he would even say that to you knowing absolutely nothing about your pregnancy.

On February 18, Renae’s child was finally welcomed into the world. The adorable kid was 22 and a half inches tall and weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces.

She said in February, “When your son comes out hand first looking like Superman flying. Well, that’s what I said, son—just a single, healthy newborn boy.

Many people were interested in seeing Renae’s belly after the birth of her baby.

Five days after my cesarean delivery. My 9lb 8oz baby and another 5.5 pounds were the only weight I lost, she claimed.

“I don’t see why people can’t see that each person carries differently. I am little and carry everything up front. You wrecked your body, and “your stretch marks are going to be so horrible afterwards,” I’ve been informed. The truth is that I don’t give a damn because my body gave me five wonderful children and an angel baby. I adore my body and everything that it has accomplished.


The pleased mother shared numerous images and videos of her handsome son on social media.

Renae keeps her followers updated on her son, and it appears like everything is going well for the family.

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