76-year-old Candice Bergen, says she is happy being ‘fat’ because she ‘lives to eat’

Candice Bergen is a television screen staple. The actress has been in multiple shows and movies over the years, and has earned a solid reputation for herself!

And when critics come to silence her, she shows that she is someone who will not be messed with! She really is someone who lives life on her own terms.

Candice Bergen started off her career as a model, working for magazines like Vogue. Since then her career has sky-rocketed and she has become a household name. Her role in the show “Murphy Brown” led her to five Emmy wins.

But her iconic role came to her with a few hardships involved. In an interview, she revealed that the role was meant for a younger actress, namely Heather Locklear.

But her audition caught the writer and producer Diane English’s eye who insisted that she was the one for the role.

The show and her role were a huge hit and women all across the country adored her portrayal of a reported. Bergen fondly recalls,  “That character gave me permission to be my brattiest, bawdiest self.”

She was nominated for seven Emmys for the role and won five of them. But apparently, after her fifth win, she asked not to be considered for an Emmy again.

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