Ohio Woman Adopts Late Ex-Wife’s Newborn to Keep Him Out of Foster Care

Christie Werts, a 48-year-old Ohio resident, made headlines when she adopted the infant son of her husband Wesley’s late ex-wife. Christie herself is no stranger to the foster care system and wanted to prevent the newborn, named Levi, from entering it.

Blended Family Welcomes Another Member

Christie married 45-year-old Wesley in 2018, combining their families which included Christie’s children, Megan (21) and Vance (15), and Wesley’s children, Austin (14) and Dakota (10). When they discovered that Wesley’s ex-wife had tragically passed away shortly after giving birth to Levi, Christie didn’t hesitate.

“I knew instantly that we should adopt Levi. Having been a foster child myself, I didn’t want him going through that system,” Christie shared.

Relocating to Make it Official

The adoption journey was not straightforward. The family had to sell their home in Ohio and move to Texas to foster Levi officially before adopting him.

“The adoption process took 16 months. Though Wesley and I weren’t in frequent touch with the biological mother’s family, we knew we had to act,” Christie explained.

Emotional Journey to Parenthood

While Christie admits to having concerns about adopting a child she had never met, her fears quickly vanished.

“Adopting Levi was different from having biological kids. Yet, he instantly stole my heart, and I felt an overwhelming need to protect him,” said Christie.

A Future Built on Love

Levi is now legally a part of the family, with a birth certificate and a name. Christie described this as an emotional moment and believes that their journey was divinely planned.

“Levi may not understand now, but we will let him know one day how hard we fought for him,” she stated.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Adoptive Parents

For couples contemplating adoption, Christie emphasizes the importance of a strong relationship and treating all children equally, whether they’re biological or step-children.

“Ensure that your relationship is rock-solid before introducing kids into the mix,” Christie advised.

The Harsh Realities of Foster Care Adoption

In her concluding thoughts, Christie said the adoption process, especially from foster care, is not easy.

“Adoption is not about self-interest; it’s about the genuine desire to love and care for a child. The system isn’t perfect, but you must take it one day at a time,” she concluded.

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