Group of Dancers Perform Beautiful Human Routine to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ But Keep Your Eye On These Moves First

Black Diamonds, a group of professional female stage dancers performed to hit Queen song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the 2018 Australian Drill Dance Championships. The orange, feathered fans they useB as props make their routine pop and the dancers look ‘kaleidoscopic.’

There’s a lot of talent in this dance squad. These types of performances have been around for a century, but the girls in the video have put a more modern twist on the idea. They took a classic Queen song to a whole new level of performance.

The dancers all enter the stage in unison when the video starts. They’re dressed in elegant outfits, and they are carrying beautifully crafted feather ornaments. They look just like beautiful sunflowers blowing in the wind, and it really is a spectacular tribute to Queen’s hit song.

You’ll notice that a few things go wrong in the video. Several of the girls have a few of the ornamental feathers fall from their hands, but it doesn’t take away from the magical performance. They gracefully flow across the stage like musical angels.

The choreography is a lot more complicated than it looks. Just pay attention to how precise their timing is when they all move their feathers together. It’s perfectly aligned to give a mystical look to their movements.

The crowd is enchanted by their expert dance techniques, and it’s no surprise that the video has gained lots of attention over the weeks. They act out the words in a way that anyone can feel the real impact of the emotions expressed in the lyrics.

Their pretty uniforms are black on one side, and the other side is a gorgeous pattern of fabrics. The beautiful hand props look like giant glowing feathers, and they are colored in a bright orange tint. It really does look like something out of an animated film, and it seems almost impossible for the choreography to be live on a stage.

They mimic the playing of a guitar during the solo, and they create such a strong ambiance with their stylized dancing. It’s like going back in time to an old dance show. It’s not every day that you see something like this, and it’s a big treat to be able to see it online. They even have professionally painted designs on their faces to give them a Broadway kind of appearance.

It certainly took lots of practice to get this performance perfect. Their persistence paid off when they finished the set with an incredible pose. All of the girls gather together in a circle, and they all turn around at the same time in place. It resembles a giant rose, and you couldn’t ask for a better ending.

Let your performance-loving friends enjoy this amazing show, too. Ask them what their favorite part is, and let everyone know what you think about this great dance.


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