17 Bible Verses On Sleep & Rest

Use these 17 Bible verses on sleep and rest to calm your worry and anxiety down for the night and sleep in peace.

Having trouble sleeping?

I feel your pain.

I’ve struggled to sleep well since I was a kid.

So much so that when I was in college, I started taking melatonin every night…and I continued to do that for a full decade (if you are doing this, please make sure to read my post on why NOT to take melatonin every night!).

Then I experienced debilitating insomnia for two and a half years after getting pregnant with our first son and then again with our second son. I know how miserable it can be to desperately need sleep, but feel like it’s always just out of reach.

Of course, there are a lot of pieces of our physical health that affect sleep (you can read my advice for that piece in my 10 Tips For A Better Night of Sleep post) but don’t discount the mental and spiritual parts, as well.

When our minds are racing with worry and anxiety, it is so difficult to even rest, much less fall asleep.

God knows how real that struggle is for you and His Word talks about it.

Read on to see Bible verses about sleep and also how God can offer you rest on your most stressful nights.

Bible verses on sleep and rest - woman restfully sleeping in a bed with comfy pillows and white sheets

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