Instead of one child identical triplets were born: How they look like and live after 20 years

Throughout the entire period of waiting for the child, she was sure that one baby would be born. But expectations were justified triple. The woman had three girls – Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz. They are absolutely identical triplets. In childhood and adulthood, girls are complete copies of each other.

This joyful event happened in a simple Iranian family 20 years ago. When three girls were born, the parents were happy. Even poverty could not darken their lives. Mom and dad gave their children all the best, and unlike many Iranian parents, they invested in the education and development of their daughters. But despite this, the sisters had few prospects in their native Iran. In society, it is not accepted that women work and even more so somehow manifest themselves.

Already as adults, the girls understood this, so they decided to move to London. The father gave his daughters his savings for tickets and housing. He wanted them to be able to succeed and supported them in everything. This helped the sisters to leave Iran. They never returned to their home country.

For several years Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz have been living in London. They learn and realize themselves as models. The girls were able to achieve minor success almost immediately – they began working with several large brands. This brings them a decent income, on which they fully support themselves in a foreign country. But big success is still ahead. At the moment, the sisters have not won world names, but they are confident in their successful future.

Girls maintain a common page on social networks, where they post photos in fashionable images. Girls have a very developed sense of style. They try to pick up the same accessories and similar things so as not to be too different from each other even in this sense. Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz are glad that their lives are developing in this way and are grateful to their parents for their support of their choice.

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