From child star in ‘Silver Spoons’ to looking ‘rough’ – Ricky Schroder’s recent appearance has people concerned

Ricky Schroder, a beloved child star known for his early career successes, has undergone notable changes in both his personal and public life over the years. While he started his career with a Golden Globe-winning role in “The Champ” and gained fame through “Silver Spoons,” he later transitioned into more mature roles in television and ventured into directing and producing.

However, Schroder’s personal life has been marked by struggles, including a 1992 arrest for domestic violence and a tumultuous relationship with Andrea Bernard, who later became his wife and with whom he has four children. Their relationship ultimately ended in 2016.

The actor’s life took a challenging turn after his marriage ended. He reportedly engaged in constant partying, leading to strained relationships with his family. His daughter Cambrie became estranged from him, and in 2019, he faced another arrest for domestic abuse against his girlfriend. The case was eventually dismissed.

In recent times, Ricky Schroder has largely retreated from the public eye and spends much of his time on his farm. Despite his decreased visibility in the entertainment industry, he remains connected with his fans through social media.

A recent Instagram video posted by Schroder in which he appeared in farmer attire sparked discussions among his followers. Some expressed concern about his appearance, remarking that he looked “rough” compared to their previous perceptions of him. Others defended him, attributing his appearance to the physical demands of farm life.

While the actor has faced personal challenges and garnered attention for his evolving appearance, his fans continue to support him, recognizing the hard work he puts into his farm and life.

Ricky Schroder’s journey serves as a reminder of the complexities of life in the public eye and the personal struggles that can accompany fame.

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