A little boy decides to buy a lonely police officer a gift using the money he had set aside for his mother’s birthday. Two police cars arrive at his house the following day.

Dean lacked his father. Not a day went by that Dean didn’t think of Officer Frank O’Neal, his smile, and his laugh, who had died in the line of duty six months prior.

Dean’s mother, Amy, relocated the family to California when Frank passed away so they could escape the painful memories. What makes Dean’s heart stop every time he sees a police officer, then?

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In search of a birthday present for his mother, Dean was in the mall. Dean wanted to get Amy something special because he knew it would be difficult for her to celebrate her first birthday without Frank.

He was hunting for something his father would have bought after using some of his savings. He set his eye on a lovely jewelry that would drain him of all of his money.

Dean entered the mall and saw two police officers inside a police car that was parked outside the side door. He acknowledged them as he passed by.

Your life can be changed by one act of kindness.
He said, ‘Hello.’ You guys on a stakeout, I hear.

The veteran policeman smiled. Hey, youngster, he exclaimed. Actually, we’ve been told to keep a watch on a suspect who frequents this area, but now we’re stuck.

Yeah,’ the younger officer sighed. The men who were to take charge became involved in a hit-and-run downtown. No meal for us today!’

Dean expressed sympathy, ‘That’s very unfortunate.’ He gave the officers a friendly wave before entering the air-conditioned mall. Poor men! In their police cruiser, they were hot and hungry.

At that point, he had a thought that he knew was influenced by his father. He walked over to the pizza delivery place and placed an order for a big double pepperoni and cheese pie and a few ice-cold sodas.

Dean went outside and carried the pizza and beverages to the police cruiser. He said, ‘Hey. I want you to have this, guys.

The older man objected, ‘Kid.’ ‘You ought not to have!’

Embarrassed, Dean shrugged. It’s nothing major, he said. ‘Well, my dad was a police officer. I suppose I want to show my appreciation to his fellow officers.

The younger officer questioned, ‘Where’s your dad?

He passed away six months ago, Dean murmured, gluing his lips together so they wouldn’t tremble. Although we were living in Portland, my mother wanted us to start over.

He is missed, you know.

I know, the older man murmured softly. In the line of duty, was he killed?

Yes, Dean replied. They gave us a medal and everything, and they claimed he was a hero. I still miss him, though. I regret that he was a hero. More than a hero, I need a father.

The younger cop replied, “I see what you mean. Who are you called?

Dean, he replied. Dean O’Neal said. I have a birthday present to buy for my mother tomorrow. She has no desire to celebrate, bake a cake, or do anything else. She is very depressed.

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You stay strong, youngster,’ the more experienced cop added. ‘It does improve,’

Dean gave a shrug. I suppose,’ he replied. Mom said California would be better, but all I find there is loneliness. Anyway… I’ll see you later. To find a card for his mother, Dean returned to the mall.

There just wasn’t enough money for the bracelet after what he spent on the pizza. He went home after locating a card he believed she would enjoy. He never thought he’d run across the police officers again.

The following afternoon, when Dean got home from school, there were two police cars waiting outside his door! He hurried into the house while yelling, ‘MOM,’ as soon as he sensed anything was amiss.

Coming out of the kitchen, his mother was flushed and appeared frazzled. The lounge was decorated with a large ‘Happy Birthday’ banner, and the kitchen was cooking up a delicious meal.

‘Mom?’ Dean queried. ‘What’s happening?’

The elder policeman Dean had spoken to outside the mall entered at that time carrying a huge, elaborate birthday cake. Hey there, Dean,’ the policeman responded with a smile. ‘You just made it!’

Three additional officers were chopping, dicing, and cooking in the kitchen. Dean exclaimed, ‘What?’ ‘What’s happening?’

The older cop explained, ‘This is the welcoming committee. We wanted to make you feel welcome after learning that the family of another cop had moved into our community.

Dean then noticed a stack of gifts on the sofa. What is this, he enquired.

They somehow learned that it was my birthday, stated Dean’s mother. Isn’t it lovely? Everybody brought me gifts!

Dean caught the elder officer’s wink. We are here to protect and serve you, Ma’am.

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Dean and Amy had a lot of fun on an evening that could have been depressing and lonely. The four officers sang ‘Happy Birthday,’cooked a wonderful dinner, and even washed the dishes before they departed.

Dean and Amy were also given invitations to the Police Picnic. Dean,’ Amy murmured. ‘I feel that we are not alone for the first time. We’ll be ok, I assure you.

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