Server Claims Those Unable To Tip 20% ‘Don’t Deserve To Eat Out’

A waiter has sparked discussion by expressing their vehement opinions on restaurant tipping.

The enduring debate over tipping has once again emerged, only this time, a server known as @mylasoasis_ on TikTok is voicing notably passionate— and somewhat divisive—opinions about customers’ tipping habits.

While tipping practices vary globally, in the USA, tipping is essential, rather than optional. In contrast, the UK typically offers a more substantial basic wage to restaurant staff, making tipping more discretionary.

However, @mylasoasis_ reveals she earns a meager—and quite shocking—’$3.63′ per hour, presumably.

Given this, it’s clear that servers depend on tips to earn a living each day. So, regardless of whether you align with the distressed TikToker’s viewpoint, it’s understandable why she has chosen to express her grievances online.

“You can b*tch and moan and tell me that my employer should be paying me a higher wage all you want, but this is America, and that’s not what is happening, OK?” she shared

“I get paid $3.63 from the restaurant that I work at. My earnings, my wage, comes from tips.”

She continued: “The food is cheaper because you’re expected to tip on it.”

“You don’t deserve to eat out if you cannot afford to tip. Like, it’s the same thing with a nanny. If you can’t afford to pay somebody else an entire salary, you don’t deserve a nanny.”

“If you can’t afford to tip, you literally don’t deserve to eat out. Order to-go, or go to f*cking McDonald’s.”

Laws regarding tipping vary significantly across states, with the current federal minimum wage set at $7.25 an hour.

However, in some states, establishments are allowed to pay tipped workers, like waitstaff or bartenders, as little as $2.13 per hour, provided the employees’ total earnings meet the minimum wage once tips are factored in, a concept known as the ‘tip credit’.

It’s not surprising that such situations fuel the creation of many TikTok videos discussing tipping.

Additionally, some dining establishments adopt ‘tip pools,’ a method where front-of-house staff share tips with kitchen staff, a practice legalized in 2020 by a new Department of Labor regulation.

However, this is only permissible if the restaurant pays every employee the full federal minimum wage and does not apply the tip credit.

However, considering the federal minimum wage has remained stagnant at $7.25 since July 2009, deeming it a ‘living wage’ seems quite unrealistic.

In conclusion, if you’re enjoying a meal out in the US, do remember to tip your server.

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