‘The View’ Fans Want Whoopi Goldberg Fired!

Fans want to see Whoopi Goldberg fired from the ABC talk show “The View,” and replaced by the daughter of a former president.

Calls are growing for ABC to fire Whoopi Goldberg from her gig co-hosting “The View,” and fans want her to be replaced by the daughter of a former president.


Fans Want Goldberg To Be Replaced
The Sun reported that fans want Goldberg to be fired and replaced by Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former president Bill Clinton and two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. This came after fans were impressed by how Chelsea did when she recently guest-hosted “The View.”

“I hope – if she wanted – they add her to the panel. I think she’d be a great moderator,” one fan commented, with another adding, “She was just classy, smart and knows how to work a panel discussion.”

“She is so smart. You can hear it when she speaks,” a third user commented, with a fourth writing, “I thought she was terrific. Well-spoken and respectful. Honestly, before now, she wasn’t on my radar, at all, but I was very pleasantly surprised.”

Backlash Against Goldberg

This also comes after Goldberg has made multiple on-air blunders in recent months. Earlier this year, she was suspended from the show for two weeks after saying that the Holocaust was not about race, something that fans are still upset about. Then on a recent episode of “The View,” Goldberg found herself in hot water once again when she said, “sometimes you have to be an a** to be a parent.”

This did not sit well with fans, with one commenting, “Whoopi and Sunny’s [Hostin] foul language was a bit much today.”

“Between Whoopi using the word ‘b***hin’ and Sunny referring to Republicans ‘p**sing on her leg when it’s raining,’ I had to turn the show off,” this viewer added. “I know they’re passionate about gun issues but this is daytime TV, not the Howard Stern show. Some people have kids home for the summer.”

Another fan agreed, commenting, “Does Whoopi really need to swear all the time?”

Goldberg Responds To Backlash
Goldberg also recently clapped back at her haters who have been mocking the topics that are brought up daily on “The View,” as many feel that they are far too easygoing.

“The thing is about these stories that we bring you constantly is we don’t have any more information than what we find out,” Goldberg said after the co-hosts discussed a story about a boyfriend being slammed by his soon-to-be fiancée for letting his mother pick out her engagement ring.

“But it is fun as hell to talk about this stuff,” she added as her co-hosts laughed in agreement.

Is Goldberg Leaving ‘The View’ To Film Movie?
Goldberg also fueled rumors that she may be leaving “The View” this week when she hinted that she wants to take time to film Sister Act 3.

“I’ve been trying to do this for six years,” Goldberg told Entertainment Tonight. “I was told no one was interested in this. It takes a minute for people to realize they should take their foot out of their mouth.”

“It’s coming. We gotta shoot it, but it’s happening,” she added. “You’re never fully happy with a script because one of the things you find is you wanna have the space to make an adjustment if you need to. Sometimes what looks right on paper doesn’t come out of your mouth the right way. You have to move it around a little bit but I’m very hopeful people will be happy.”

Goldberg has been the moderator on “The View” since 2007. It remains to be seen whether or not she will be leaving the show, either by her own choice or by ABC’s.

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