After dog gets hit by car, brutal sign has entire neighborhood talking

We spend a lot of time with our dogs and frequently treat them much like family.

What any of us would do if someone injured this quasi-family member in our lives—accidentally or not—is difficult to imagine.Imagine a devoted and happy puppy leaping around the world with bright eyes and a tail that is wagging.

A speeding car rips through their world in an instant, destroying their vitality and stealing away their future.

The subsequent agony is unlike any other because losing a beloved canine companion touches one’s soul directly.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have gone through this and had to bury their beloved dogs because of negligent drivers; the author of this article definitely understands how it feels.

One family decided to take a stand after losing their own dog in an accident and put up a notice that stunned the neighborhood.

They posted the sign on their own lawn and used it to warn speeding drivers. In fact, many would consider the message a threat.

”We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down,” the sign read. “If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you.”

A picture of the sign was uploaded to Reddit, where it instantly attracted a ton of feedback.

”I never understand why people speed through neighborhoods…or parking lots. Seriously…what’s the logic in that?” one user commented.

Facebook was one of the places where the item was also uploaded. On all platforms, the majority of users supported the warning’s author.

”Love the sign. People drive way too fast in neighborhoods. More than 20 is to fast. Kids on bikes. Kids playing in their own yard and a ball goes in the street, it happens. So why is there this problem. Well it’s because people are f**king idiots. Plain and simple,” one Facebook user said.

”Damn straight! One of my dogs got away from me and the woman who ran over him didn’t even slow down. Just ran over him. Same could happen to a child,” another commented.

However, other online users disagreed with the dog owner. Many people think the man let his dog to roam about too freely.

”I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. Have the same problem in my neighborhood. Everyone thinks it is free range country for dogs and cats. My dogs do not leave my property without my permission,” one reader wrote.

”Keep your dog on a leash! If you cared about your fur friend you would take better care of them,” said another.

”Speeding is bad, but your dog and kids are your responsibility to keep them out of the street,” yet another added.

Unfortunately, this may not be the last time a sign like this is posted in one of our areas.Seven years prior, Middletown, New Jersey resident Kevin Jackman had had enough as well.

He watched as people sped past his house, well knowing that children lived and played nearby, and grew more and more irritated. He made the decision to create a sign that would draw attention and have an impact since he was determined to stop it. The end result was a provocative sign with a strong message.

It served as an effective reminder to slow down and put safety first for drivers. The notice read:, ”Last week, my dog was tragically struck because you chose not to slow down. If you hit a child, your family will be left burying you.”

Kevin Jackman claimed that a social media statement served as the inspiration for his placard; perhaps he saw the older Reddit post.

Who come to mind when you see the sign? Which side do you support—that of the dog owners or those calling on them to accept responsibility? Comment below and let us know!

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