Wife Lets Homeless Best Friend Stay at Her House — Finds Out She’s Pregnant with Her Husband’s Child

Since the second grade, the woman and her best friend had been like sisters. Together, they had experienced everything and had been one other’s pillars of support.

Through a number of terrifying experiences, the woman supported her best buddy. while her mother passed away while they were both 17 years old, she offered her a shoulder to weep on.

She has also provided refuge, food, and clothes for her when she has faced adversity.

Two girls sharing a swing | Source: Pexels

The friend returned to the woman’s door to request a place to stay after failing to pay the rent. She invited her into the house she and her husband shared.

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Things Were Seemingly Normal at Home

While her best friend was residing with them, the woman was seven months pregnant. She gave her husband and her daily dinner company, congratulated her on the pregnancy, and cleaned the house so her pregnant friend wouldn’t have to.

Her friend congratulated her on her pregnancy. | Source: Pexels

However, one day, things changed. The woman’s friend took a pregnancy test, and it turned out to be positive.

She initially dismissed it as insignificant, wondering aloud why her friend had invited her to have a seat. Her friend’s expression then revealed what was obvious: she was expecting her best friend’s husband’s child.

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