“Mommy just made alien water on the floor”

Unexpected Home Birth: 8-Year-Old Assists Mother in Sibling’s Delivery

Birth Plan Takes a Detour

Chantelle Edmund had it all mapped out: she was planning an underwater birth with her husband’s support. However, as the saying goes, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” Unbeknownst to her, a shocking surprise was in store.

“Life rarely unfolds according to plan, but sometimes the surprises are the most beautiful parts.”

Early Arrival Shakes Up Plans

Chantelle, a 26-year-old expectant mother, thought she had a few more weeks until her due date. But Baby Eva Rai had other ideas. She decided to make an entrance two weeks ahead of schedule. Left with no options after her water broke, Chantelle alerted her 8-year-old daughter, Keira Jade, who was upstairs watching a movie with her niece.

Calm in the Face of the Unexpected

Remarkably, Keira and her niece displayed remarkable composure during the sudden turn of events. They quickly brought towels and water to assist Chantelle. Just 35 minutes later, little Eva Rai was welcomed into the world, thanks to the help of her older sister’s small yet steady hands.

“When the unexpected happens, you discover how strong you truly are.”

Prompt Response and A Dash of Humor

After ensuring her mother and new sister were safe, Keira then dialed for an ambulance. Displaying a sense of humor even under stressful circumstances, she amusingly told the operator, “My mother just made an alien on the floor!”

From Innocence to Stardom

Chantelle later revealed that until recently, Keira believed babies came into the world through a “secret door” in a mother’s belly. But this real-life experience has not only educated her but also made her a star in her school community. Her brave actions have filled her with immense love for her new sister.

“Heroism comes in all sizes, and sometimes, our heroes are closer to home than we think.”

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