Singer No-Show At Gaming Event Then Cop Grabs Mic And Decides to Respond With Anthem Performance.

The opportunity to sing the national anthem at a sporting event is a huge honor and is never taken lightly. Few things can grab the attention of a rowdy, excited sports crowd, but when everyone is asked to pay attention to the anthem, they’re all silent every single time.

Leslie Dorchester was asked to perform the anthem at a college basketball game between West Virginia University and the University of Kansas, but she was unable to make it in time. The game coincided with a massive snowstorm that struck the city. “I was so devastated,” Leslie told Inside Edition. “I tried so hard to get there. I actually parked my car and tried to run in the snow and ice.”

The game’s organizers were scrambling to find someone else to sing. But, someone knew of a police officer working security for the game that evening, Carlton Smith. He also happens to be a talented singer. They tracked him down and asked him if he would do it.

“They were like, ‘Hey, we need a favor. Can you sing the anthem?’” Smith recalled. “I said, ‘how long do I have?’ They said, ‘about five minutes,’” Carlton recalls.

Singing the national anthem is a daunting task, but the officer did it without any preparation. Not many may know this fact, but he’s used to this kind of pressure since he auditioned for “American Idol” in 2014.

“Any chance I get to do the national anthem is always a big deal to me,” he said later. “I was just basically hoping I didn’t mess it up too much.” Carlton proved he was up for the challenge, and his last-minute rendition was beautiful.

“I love this country, and I love singing,” he stated. “So two of the things that I love put together, there’s an overwhelming feeling of joy.”

Watch his brilliant performance in the video below and please like and share!

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