WATCH: Hundreds Baptized At Auburn University, “God Is Moving”

Though much bad is happening in the world right now, much good is happening as well, with the latest news out of Auburn University showing how Christianity is managing to not just make it through these evil days, but also bring many more into the open doors of the faith.

That was shown during a “Unite Auburn” worship service, during which hundreds of people were baptized in a pond and became Christians washed in the blood of Christ. The event began in the university’s Neville Arena, where they listened to speakers and sang songs of worship, then moved to Auburn’s Red Barn, where hundreds were baptized.

Auburn student and Auburn Plainsman founder Kristen Carr tweeted videos of the baptisms, saying, “A revival is happening tonight in Auburn. People are getting baptized at Red Barn with hundreds of people cheering them on. The baptisms started following an event at Neville arena tonight called Unite. @TheAUPlainsman @AUFAMILY” Check out the videos here:



Similarly, Auburn student Riley Ferguson said, “Tuesday, September 12th God was present and it was evident that he is moving! Students and the community gathered at Neville Arena for UNITE. It was a powerful message and was the start of a night that ended with thousands gathering around the pond at red barn celebrating consistent baptisms of students, athletes, and anyone who confessed their faith and accepted Christ in their heart! I have never witnessed something so amazing amd evident that God is working through us! It makes me so excited for my generation to move not just through Auburn, but through families, communities, countries, and to the ends of the Earth!”

The speaker portion of the event was led off by Jonathan “JP” Pokluda, the lead pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. He said, in part, “I mean, the way that this was assembled. To see a university want to leverage their arena in this way. To see people, faculty, a vision, a dream, say, ‘Hey. Let’s watch this happen.’ You thought you were just coming in to sing some songs and hear some worship, but a baton is going to be passed to you. That’s what’s going to happen in a minute. It’s going to be passed to you, and you’re going to have to carry it out of this place for God to do something in and through this place.”

The second and last speaker was podcaster Jennie Allen. She said, in part, “We are here to call you to take your place in the story of God in 2023 because he’s doing something, and we need you. I don’t believe that every generation has been called at such a young age to step up to the plate and to obey God in unique ways such as this, but you have.”

It was then, after those speakers and the worship service, many of the attendees headed to Auburn’s Red Barn, where hundreds of the attendees were baptized in the waters of the pond. Watch videos from the stadium part of the event and the baptisms here:


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