Sad news about beloved actor Tom Selleck.

Fans began to worry about the actor’s health when allegations began to circulate that he had a “incurable illness.”


When Selleck returned to the American police procedural series Blue Bloods, fans were relieved to learn that he was in good health despite their fears. According to speculations, a stunt double was needed for numerous scenes on the CBS series since the 76-year-old actor was unable to keep up during filming. “Macho Tom is coming apart before our eyes,” an unnamed insider alleged.

Speculation and suspicions continued that Selleck would retire and leave the popular police drama.


OK! The actor, according to sources, was “tired of the Hollywood grind” and preferred retirement because he has difficulties breathing and maintaining “stamina” on set.

“Selleck is tired of the grind, and the show actually wears him down more and more each season,” according to the source.

According to another source, the star has been using heavy steroids to battle a long-standing case of arthritis affecting his joints and movements. This could explain why some observers noticed him walking with a slight limp.

Unlike reports, Selleck and a spokeswoman for him addressed the show’s future and completely debunked any idea of his retirement.

According to a spokesman in a brief but direct statement, Tom is not retiring. “The story is over.”

Selleck, on the other hand, told People in 2020 that there was “a lot of life in the show Blue Bloods as long as people could grow and ‘get older.’”


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