Baby called ‘hideous’ is a gorgeous little girl now

A Mother’s Love for Her Daughter’s Unique Beauty
Angelica’s Birthmark
Angelica was born on May 6, 2018, with a beautiful heart-shaped port wine stain on her face. While many friends and family members accept her birthmark, some individuals feel the need to comment on her appearance.
Her mother, Marianna Bowering, recounted that the worst comment she received online was someone asking if her daughter’s face had been pushed onto a skillet.

Hurtful Remarks and Resilience

Angelica has been subjected to cruel remarks, being called “hideous” and a “defect.”

These comments added to the family’s challenges, but their resilience and determination led to a remarkable transformation. Bowering and her husband have never believed their daughter’s birthmark is something to be ashamed of, and they actively work to celebrate it.

A Mother’s Support

Bowering, a 27-year-old mother, decided to paint a copy of her daughter’s birthmark on her own face using makeup.

She got the idea from Vascular Birthmark Awareness Day, where people are encouraged to paint a heart on their cheeks. Bowering’s goal was to show Angelica that she is beautiful just the way she is.

Embracing Natural Beauty

Some people suggested that Angelica’s facial spots would fade over time or could be concealed with makeup.

These remarks added to Bowering’s pain and frustration, as she questioned why her daughter should have to hide her natural beauty instead of embracing it.

Bowering and her husband have always believed that their daughter’s birthmark is something to celebrate, and they make sure Angelica knows it.

Angelica’s Health

Children with port wine stains on their faces may be at risk for developing other health conditions, but Bowering told TODAY that Angelica is healthy.

The family remains committed to showing Angelica that she is beautiful an

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