Kristen Nicole, a news anchor on “Good Day Chicago,” found herself facing negative comments about her appearance, particularly her baby bump, which she proudly displayed while on camera. As a journalist accustomed to public scrutiny, Kristen was unfazed by the criticism she received.

Viewers had complained to her news station about her choice of attire, particularly a form-fitting blue dress, while she was expecting her second child. Kristen, a mother-of-one already, responded to these complaints with a straightforward Facebook post.

In her post, Kristen expressed her determination not to let the negativity affect her. She emphasized that she wore the dress once a month and had never received complaints before. She went on to dismiss the criticism, sarcastically noting the absurdity of finding a pregnant woman’s baby bump “disgusting.”

Kristen addressed the individuals who had sent negative emails by urging them to use their time more constructively and spread positivity. She contrasted their complaints with the many messages of congratulations and well-wishes she had received from others, expressing her gratitude for their support during her pregnancy.

It was revealed that Kristen received emails from three separate people named Karen, Gene, and Sabrina, all expressing their disapproval of her showing her baby bump in the form-fitting dress. Some critics even questioned the authenticity of her pregnancy and suggested she should wear more conventional maternity attire.

Despite the negative feedback, Kristen Nicole remained confident and proud of her pregnancy, refusing to let criticism deter her from her work and her joyful journey toward welcoming her new addition to the family.