When The Pilot Realized Why The Birds Were Flying Next to The Plane, He Began To Cry

Jason was in control of a typical flight when he was surprised by abrupt, loud bangs on the window of the aircraft. Before the cabin crew told him that a huge swarm of birds was pursuing and assaulting the jet, he had no idea what was going on. As Jason became aware of the potential disaster developing, panic set in.

Jason was desperately attempting to shake the birds off, but he had to take care to avoid risking engine damage. But the more he tried, the more hostile the birds turned out to be. Jason had to reassure the worried passengers that everything was under control even though it wasn’t. Jason saw the birds were getting closer and that they appeared to be working together against the jet, so he called flight control for assistance.

And to make matters worse, the control tower remained silent, leaving them stuck. The number of birds increased as they departed the city boundaries, and Jason found it challenging to keep the plane under control. When they tried to head back to the airport, the situation quickly got out of hand, and the birds attacked the jet even more vehemently.

After a while, the jet’s engine failed, and it began to plummet quickly. Jason decided to try a water landing, a move he had never done before, on the spur of the moment. Although the landing was difficult, it prevented the passengers’ deaths.

Chaos followed the landing as passengers were escorted out. The crew did their utmost to keep the passengers in line, but some of them were selfishly trying to be the first ones off, which led to bird attacks. Tugboats were sent to retrieve the aircraft from the water while rescue efforts got underway. The rescue squad was unable to get close because of the birds’ relentless swarming. Jason proposed making loud noises to temporarily scare the birds away so the jet could be towed into the beach.

When the police showed there, it was discovered through investigation that a suspicious passenger had been engaged in the illegal trading of exotic birds. The flock had been stirred up by these birds, which resulted in the dilemma in midair. Justice was done when the passenger was taken into custody. Jason sobbed with relief that both the passengers and the staff were secure. The dark, illegal trade that was at the root of the birds’ odd behavior was stopped thanks to Jason’s quick thinking.

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