Teen Girl Outsmarts Hotel Room Invader With A Trick Her Dad Taught Her

During a trip with her family to Ocean City, Maryland, Josie Bowers came into a perilous circumstance. Bowers, now nineteen, said that she was fifteen years old when the incident took place. She went back to the hotel room alone herself to take a shower while the rest of her family continued to enjoy some time in the sun on the beach while they were vacationing in Maryland from their home in Canada.

Bowers believed she was secure in her hotel room at the Hilton because her stepfather was a police officer. She secured the door by locking it. But then strange things started to occur. A man tried to enter the hotel and take the teen girl who was alone herself by slipping a gadget under the door.

“I heard this commotion before I could take a shower, so I went over to the door to see what it was. I discovered this device. This man opened the door as I was standing there in my towel.

Bowers recalls thinking, “Holy sh*t,” in her now-viral video. “I’m currently wrapped in a towel, and someone is about to enter and grab me,” She had no cellular service inside the hotel, so she was unable to call for assistance from her family or the police. She swiftly slammed the door shut and secured it with the deadbolt.


The guy, though, didn’t want to give up on the other side of the door. They kept trying to get the fifteen-year-old girl who was stuck behind it on the other side of the Hilton hotel room. Bowers wanted to open the door a little to see if there would be a Hilton employee in the room with a mission because she was young and unsure of what was happening.

Thank goodness the teen girl learned a tactic to frighten off intruders. Given his experience as a police officer, Bowers’ stepfather made care to teach her the tactic, which was incredibly effective in making her feel a little bit safer every day.

The second video she made about the incident featured her saying, “So the door opened a crack, and I just slammed it back shut.” Men conversing could be heard on the other side of the door. Then a man addressed the woman as “Miss.” Services… We arrived to repair your door.

I didn’t really have time to digest anything, she admitted. I kept thinking that I was naked and only wearing a towel. Are there weapons on them? Will they become irate if I stop them? harmed me?”

She didn’t realize what was going on because she was so young and alone. She made the decision to partially open the door. She recognized the man standing on the other side of the door as not being a Hilton employee right away. “They were dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.”


My stepdad, a police officer, told me never to reveal to others that you are by yourself.

Hey Dad, someone is here to mend the door, Bowers screamed. The would-be criminals instantly fled as a result of this working.

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