Michael J Fox Is Destroyed After The Loss Of His Fur Friend

Losing a cherished pet is one of life’s most heart-wrenching moments. It’s not just an animal in your home; it’s a beloved family member. This sentiment resonates with all of us, and sometimes we even grieve for a friend’s dog, even if we’ve never met that friend in person, as was the case with Michael J. Fox.

Michael J. Fox had an extraordinary bond with his dog, Gus, a Great Dane mix. Their connection began in 1998 when the actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Gus became his “wonder dog,” offering companionship and support during challenging times.

In describing Gus, Fox wrote, “I didn’t rescue Gus. You can argue that he rescued me, but he’d be too modest to make that claim.” You may have seen similar sentiments on bumper stickers, pondering, ‘Who rescued who?’ Fox clarified this in a CBS special, saying, “No matter your situation, no matter what you feel, this animal is with you and is connected to you.” He emphasized how a dog can break through the isolation that often accompanies chronic illness, opening up a world of love and connection.

In 2021, Michael J. Fox shared the heartbreaking news of Gus’s passing on Instagram, calling him a “great dog” and a loyal friend.

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