Desperate Couple Adopts Triplets – Then Doctor Tells Them About The ’New’ Sonogram

Sarah and Andy Justice from Tulsa, Oklahoma, had been trying to conceive for a long time, but fate had other plans for them.

After exhausting all options, they decided to pursue adoption, and were soon paired with a birth mother.

During an ultrasound, the couple and the birth mother were astonished to discover that she was expecting triplets.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were born prematurely, and spent some time in the NICU before going home with the Justice family.

A week after welcoming their new babies, Sarah received some extraordinary news from her OB/GYN: she was expecting twins! Eight months later, Abigail and Andrew were born, making the family feel even more crowded. But the Justice family’s adventure was far from over. Sarah miraculously became pregnant again, this time with a healthy baby boy named Caleb.

The Justice family’s story is proof that you shouldn’t give up on your goals, because life often takes unexpected detours that lead directly to your greatest dreams. Despite their struggles and efforts, the couple has no regrets and loves having their children.

The Justice children are happy and healthy, and are growing up quickly.

The unusual circumstances of the Justice family’s rise to fame naturally went viral, and they were featured on the TODAY show in 2014. Andy shared that the family routinely goes through 300 diapers every week. But despite the chaos, the family is grateful and optimistic, and their story continues to inspire and move people.

In conclusion, the Justice family’s miraculous journey to parenthood is a heartwarming tale that proves that miracles can happen. Share their story with your friends and family and be inspired by their unwavering love and determination.

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