“I Made A Mistake”: Hollywood Director Regrets Voting For Biden [WATCH]

Inflation ripping apart the middle class, gas prices that make people cry at the pump, the constant specter of World War III haunting us as the Russo-Ukraine War drags on with deepened US involvement, and societal hatreds rising in intensity and fervor are the defining aspects, to many Americans, of the Joe Biden presidency so far. Oliver Stone, speaking with Russell Brand, spoke about Biden’s issues and why he regrets voting for Biden in a recent interview.

The director, who has won two Oscars, spoke with Brand about the current geopolitical situation, saying that we’re drifting ever closer to World War III for no good reason, instead just going along with fears and old alliances rather than trying to stop the needless bloodbath.

He said, when describing what’s happening in Europe’s bloodlands, “This is a potential World War III. This is the same situation as World War I, in a sense. The stupidity of it — because of the alliances and the fears and the built-up phobias.“

He then added that he blames Biden for America’s reaction to the system and regrets having enabled it by voting for Biden, saying, “If we don’t stop this, what Biden is doing, I voted for him — I made a mistake! — thinking that he was an old man now that he would calm down, he’d be more mellow and so forth. I didn’t see that at all.”

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