‘I Uninvited My Mom And Dad From My Wedding Because They Are ‘Not Good Enough’ To Attend And Might Embarrass Us During Our Big Day’

Uninvited to the Wedding: A Father’s Dilemma

A Father’s Generosity Backfires

A father shared his heartache on r/AITA when his son uninvited him, his wife, and their daughter from his wedding. The son lived in a house the parents had bought for him in Pennsylvania, but things took a turn for the worse when his fiancée’s family intervened.

“We’re Not Their Kind of People”

During a get-to-know-you BBQ at the house, tensions rose when the son’s fiancée and her family decided the father’s family was “not their kind of people” and uninvited them from the wedding. Shocked and hurt, the father tried to discuss the matter with his son but couldn’t find a resolution.

What Does “Not Good Enough” Mean?

The father couldn’t comprehend why his family wasn’t considered good enough and why his son allowed this insult. Determined to talk civilly, the father visited the PA house but was met with hostility from the fiancée’s family, who had moved in. In response, he decided to sell the house, leaving them with 30 days to leave.

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Seeking Advice on AITA

The father turned to the AITA community for advice on whether he acted appropriately in the situation. Opinions varied, with some suggesting the son might be manipulated by his fiancée’s abusive family, while others supported the father’s decision to protect his property rights.

Seeking Legal Guidance

Some users advised the father to seek legal counsel to ensure a proper eviction process, documenting the property’s condition to avoid disputes.

Extending Benefit of the Doubt

Despite the hurt, some users advised the father to consider that his son might be a victim of manipulation rather than the perpetrator. They suggested offering emotional support and understanding before cutting him off completely.

Prioritizing Tenancy Policies

While emotions ran high, users recommended that the father prioritize adhering to tenancy laws and dealing with the immediate issue of the house. Afterward, he could focus on resolving misunderstandings with his son.

The Path Forward

The father must navigate a difficult situation with his son while protecting his rights as a property owner. Striving for understanding and empathy might help bridge the gap and lead to a resolution.

Share Your Perspective

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