Megan Fox Accidentally Pushed By Bodyguard While Exiting a Ride at the Orange County Fair

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are slowly working on their relationship after rumors of a possible split began in February. They’ve attended couples therapy and MGK has been going out of his way to try and win the actress back, but things are still rocky between the two as they attempt to work things out.

With that said, things are getting better and the couple have been spotted out together on numerous occasions over the past few months – including on Thursday (July 22), when they were seen on a date at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California. It appeared to be a fun night – until this happened:

Megan Fox gets caught up in between bodyguard and attacker who punched MGK

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) July 21, 2023

The couple was exiting a ride at the fair when a video shows their bodyguard accidentally pushing Megan Fox into a fence/barricade as he tried to engage with a nearby fan – who appeared to be causing trouble. Machine Gun Kelly quickly intervened and pulled his fiance away from the scuffle as they walked away.

Not long after the 15-second clip went viral, more videos of the incident gave us a clearer picture of what went down in the lead-up to the violence. As they were exiting the ride, a bystander was seen heckling the couple – which ultimately led to MGK throwing the first punch. That’s when the bodyguard stepped in.

Here are two more angles of what went down on Thursday night:

This isn’t the first time MGK has been involved in a scuffle during a night out with his lover. In 2021, MGK and Megan Fox were walking the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards when the artist nearly got into a brawl with UFC legend Conor McGregor – who tried to swing at MGK and threw a drink at him.


Just a few weeks ago, MGK was performing at the 2023 Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium when he saw a fan’s sign that read “I just came from Mexico 4 u 2 punch me in the face.” He acknowledged the sign and asked the fan why he wanted to get punched by him so badly, but the fan said it was all out of love.


“I got rings on, dude. That s—‘s gonna hurt. I don’t know. It’s a lose-lose for me. I don’t know if I’m gonna do it. I’ll consider,” he said to the fan. As the show went on, MGK was seen walking through the crowd when he finally granted the fan’s wish – it was a light punch and the fan was ecstatic at the odd gesture.

Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Still Getting Married?
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were all the talk in Hollywood for quite some time. The couple met in March 2020 and began dating shortly after – though they didn’t go Instagram official until late-July of that year. Their love blossomed quickly and MGK popped the question on January 11, 2022 – she said yes!


Rumors of a potential breakup started in August 2022, but the rumors were quickly dispelled by the couple. Unfortunately, the rumors returned in February 2023 when Megan Fox shaded her fiance on Instagram before deleting her account. They didn’t call off the engagement, but things were volatile.


While Fox confirmed there was no cheating involved, she admitted to not being in a good place with MGK. They began couples therapy in February and have been working on their relationship ever since. Their wedding plans have reportedly come to a halt, but they’ve been spotted out more often lately.

The couple was seen at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s launch party in New York City in mid-May, at an event in London together on May 30, and – more recently – spotted walking in Los Angeles after grabbing some snacks at Erewhon Market. They have some things to work through, but they’re working through them.

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