Why It Is A Good Idea To Put Salt In The Toilet? This Is Something That Plumbers Will Never Tell You

The Salt Solution: Harnessing Salt as a Household Cleaner in Japan

Salt holds an impressive multi-functional status in Japan’s household management, extending beyond its common role in culinary applications. Its unique ability to disinfect and deodorize makes it a compelling choice for bathroom cleaning, particularly for toilets.

An Overnight Odor Fix: Salt and the Toilet Bowl

Salt, particularly the coarse variety, is remarkably effective in neutralizing odors, a quality that makes it a crucial ingredient in the toilet-cleaning recipe. The procedure involves depositing a tumbler full of coarse salt into the toilet bowl and leaving it there overnight. Any unwanted odors are effectively absorbed and masked by the salt. The following morning, a kettle full of boiling water is poured into the toilet, completely ridding the area of the smell.

Unclogging Wastes: Salt as a Drain Cleaner

Salt’s utility extends further, offering a solution for unclogging wastes. The cleaning method is similar to the use of salt in dishwashers; a substantial amount of salt is poured down the drain, and it acts to disintegrate the obstructing wastes. Specifically for toilet wastes, the base of the entire toilet bowl is coated with salt and left untouched overnight. The following morning, the application of boiling water helps to dislodge and flush away the waste.

Stain Removal with Salt: A Natural Alternative to Chemicals

Removing stubborn yellow stains from bathroom corners, bathtubs, or toilet bowls can be quite a task. Rather than resorting to abrasive chemical cleaners, a homemade paste comprising half a cup of salt, one teaspoon of baking soda, and water can work wonders. This paste is applied to the affected areas and left overnight. The subsequent morning calls for a bit of brushing on the applied regions, followed by a rinse.

Salt for a Cleaner, Whiter Toilet Bowl

The whitening and disinfecting prowess of salt can also be harnessed for the toilet bowl. The process involves sprinkling salt around the rim of the bowl and allowing it to sit for a while. Subsequent cleaning with a brush or a specialized toilet brush removes the grime, resulting in a cleaner, whiter surface.

The Japanese Secret to Affordable, Efficient Cleaning

Opting for salt as a natural cleaning agent in toilets presents a simpler and cost-effective alternative to chemical cleaners. This method, which has been in use in Japan for a considerable duration, proves successful in maintaining hygiene while keeping the cleaning process uncomplicated and affordable.

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